That's what we stand for

We are versatile. We transfer our thermotechnical, procedural, constructional and automatization know-how to different requirements, installations and industry sectors. Based on our longstanding business experience, our flexibility and the interdisciplinary work in the KSK-Group we are able to handle projects holistically and solution-focused. In this manner we break fresh ground to develop individual products and services.

We are quality-conscious. We commit ourselves to the highest quality in products and services. Dedication and expertise of each of our employees as well as an open error culture provide the foundation for our claim. This fundament allows us to continuously develop and and improve our products and staff.

We are reliable. Our collaborative relationships are based on sustainability and trustworthiness. When we give our word we stand by it. As a family business we encourage cohesion and a corporate feeling. Our internal and external communication is straightforward, honest and transparent.

We are responsible-minded. We operate entrepreneurial, performance-based and with confidence. While doing so we are always aware of our responsibility for the well-being of our employees, their families and for the reputation and integrity of the company. A sound judgement for growth and a financial independence of our family business creates secure and fulfilling jobs for generations.

We are customer-oriented. Our customers' requirements drive our thoughts and actions. Together with our specialised partner companies in and outside the KSK-Group we pool our competences to meet these requirements. In fast-paced times we, as a family business with flat hierarchies, ensure long-term relationships to key contacts and leading employees.