This is who we are and where we come from

Pipes have always been the "basis of our existence". The very same wrought material was first introduced in the 1970's for the cooling of a melting vessel in the steel industry. Our founder Herbert Kuhlmann realised the potential of the pipe and founded KSK Kuhlmann-System-Kühltechnik GmbH in 1983 in Bochum-Gerthe. As a young craft business, KSK manufactured single cooling panels which replaced the time-consuming and costly refractory lining in predestined areas of furnaces. In the following years, KSK gained more and more experience and its high-qualified employees in production, development and construction developed a distinct know-how - single cooling panels became complex, water-cooled components and installations.

Abgasmischkammer in der Fertigung, 1985
Ofendeckel, 1986

Due to innovative engineering ideas for the optimisation of existing installations KSK was in close contact to plant manufacturers and plant operators. Hence, in 1987, KSK executed a first full turnkey renovation of an Electric Arc Furnace in order to increase the tap capacity from 60 to 75 tons. In 1992 KSK was commissioned to fully engineer an entirely new exhaust gas system of three Electric Arc Furnaces for the first time.

In 1994 Herbert Kuhlmann retired and Olaf Huscher and Carsten Oberhag became managing directors and shareholders. During this time, our product portfolio was more and more extended. Beside the traditional key products we developed increasingly complex and complete cooling systems and installations for special applications. In particular, energy efficiency and the uncoupling of residual energy became more and more important. In early 2002, KSKs' headquarter was relocated to Haltern am See where a big, modern manufacturing and developing site was built.

Grundstücksvermessung Neubau in Haltern am See, 2001
Komplettsanierung, Elektrolichtbogenofen (LBO), 2015

Alongside to manufacturing our engineering services became a distinctive business segment over the years. Thus, it was only reasonable to found an own planning company. Thanks to KSK Concept&Engineering we reach many companies even outside of our core business since then.

The youngest member of our little KSK family is KSK Automation. KSK Automation was founded in 2015 and facilitated offering entire system solutions with an own Regulation and Automatisation.

Until today, a strong, market-conform group of companies was formed which works at the service of our customers and evolves purposefully.