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February 2019 - "Service Desert" Germany? As if!

The year is 2019 A.D. Germany is entirely occupied by the dogma "Service Desert". Well, not small troop of indomitable KSK co-workers still holds out against this impression.


Being a small, specialized plant manufacturer, collaborative long-term relationships to our clients are of major importance. Hence, of course, we support our clients also after commissioning their new plant.

At the moment, for example, KSK's staff is out in the field for an Austrian carbide manufacturer where we have successfully commissioned a new water-cooled carbid furncace cover (diameter round about 9 meters) two years ago together with the Austrian staff. The currenctly executed work is a further optimization of the virtually trouble-free construction. Our well-practised staff takes care of the complex renovations in order to unburden the plant's staff during the time of the shut-down.


January 2019 - Business succession

As of 01.01.2019 KSK GmbH designates Dipl.-Wirt.-Ing. Andreas Höwedes (32, middle) as its third managing director in addition to Carsten Oberhag (54, left) and Dipl.-Ing. Olaf Huscher (56, right), in order to lay the foundation for a business succession as early as possible.


The native "Halterner" Andreas Höwedes started off his career as a business consultant for three years after studying business administration and engineering at RWTH Aachen University. Following this, he worked as a project engineer for KSK GmbH for another three years. "My personal affinity to Haltern am See combined with the professional perspective to work for a hidden champion in the German "Mittelstand" were the main reasons for me to come to KSK back then", Höwedes remembers. The two longstanding managing directors Oberhag and Huscher are glad about the growth of their management body. "The company will further gain momentum by the early designation of Mr. Höwedes as a managing director. Also, this way we will have sufficient time to have a regulated business succession.", Oberhag comments. His managing colleague Olaf Huscher agrees and continues: "This company sort of is our life's work which you do not give away carelessly. Mr. Höwedes is a competent and inspiring young man who will continue to stand for knowhow and quality made in Haltern am See, Germany. We are very happy to have him."


December 2018 - KSK end-of-year review

KSK group looks back on a successful year 2018!


In many regards 2018 was a successful year for KSK group. Our order books were filled with many different projects, as for example the revamp of the hot water primary dedusting of Georgsmarienhütte or the commissioning of an acid mixing plant in China by KSK Automation GmbH. Further, KSK Automation GmbH and KSK Concept & Engineering GmbH took some forward-looking steps with the occupation of their new offices spaces and production hall in Haltern am See.

We are looking forward to all the challenges we'll face in 2019 and wish all the best to our customers, partners and suppliers!


November 2018 - Ladle furnace for thyssenkrupp Steel

thyssenkrupp Steel's "Oxygenstahlwerk 2" has a new, 265 ton twin ladle furnace - we had our share...


The Austrian plant manufacturer INTECO was awarded with the construction of a new 80 MM € twin ladle furnace for thyssenkrupp Steel's "Oxygenstahlwerk 2" in Duisburg, Germany. Some of the key components of the new furnace were subcontracted to KSK GmbH - the two ladle furnace covers. In collaboration with INTECO and the staff of "Oxygenstahlwerk 2" the two covers were designed, constructed and manufactured in Haltern am See in 2017 and commissioned in Duisburg in 2018. The two mostly identically constructed covers feature, among others, an additional skirt and a side-draft hood for an enhanced exhaust gas extraction and a water-cooled supporting frame.

Further information and pictures regarding the new twin ladle furnace can be found here.


We are looking forward to the future collaboration with the staff of the "Oxygenstahlwerk 2" on the ladle furnace covers.


October 2018 - Converter Hoods "in vogue"

About the same time in 2017 planning and manufacturing at KSK was all about laddle furnace covers. This year it seems as if there was a "trend" towards converter hoods with our customers.


At the moment, quite some converter hoods for different steel plants can be found in KSK's order books, some more hoods are in the offer phase. Order scopes range from TÜV-certified manufacturing (incl. cladding) to the re-design of cooling circuits with steam-decoupling or to the re-engineering of the construction parts.


September 2018 - Brand new Brochure

We make no secret of the change at KSK over the last couple of years. Apposite to our new website we are proud to now also present our company through our brand new Multi Media Brochure.


KSK's new multi media brochure was developed in collaboration with JS Deutschland - a specialist for interactive brochures - as well with selected partners and contractors. The brochure is available as a printed and as a digital version (download below). Through a QR code on the backside of the brochure you will reach our website.

The brochure expresses what KSK stands for and what we are all about. It shows the company's development and introduces our products and Services.

Follow this link to get access to our new brochure!



Selected Partners and contractors in KSK's new brochure:



c.dasbach SPEDITION GmbH

STABIKON Stahl - Biegen - Konstruktionen GmbH

IBK Wiesenhahn GmbH




August 2018 - Cleaning in the desert

KSK Automation GmbH's staff operates around the globe these days -  commissioning an acid-mixing maschine in China and a cleaning system for air-cooled condensors in Qatar.


Having sand in the gears can turn into a serious problem in the desert of Qatar. In particular, when the fine desert sand accumulates on the cooling rips of air-cooled condensors (ACC-Units) at a height of round about 50 meters in one of Qatar's largest refineries. In order to clean the cooling rips and thus re-boost the plant's efficiency, a fully automated cleaning system was installed.

KSK Automation GmbH supplied the electric controls for the entire system and was able to successfully commission the plant on site. The interconnection between the single components in the field was implemented via Profinet. For this Purpose, a S7-1200 (Failsafe) was deployed. The entire cleaning system can be operated fully via a control panel at ground level. A mobile panel enables the maintanance staff to also operate the plant directly at a height of 50 meters.


July 2018 – summer SHUTDOWN? Not for us!

In July 2018 it was the time for the traditional summer shutdowns in many steel producing companies again. The associated revamps - as usual - meant busy times for KSK's staff. In particular, this year KSK GmbH ran three assemblies simultaniously for different customers. One of the assemblies was an extensive exchange of Georgsmarienhütte GmbH's 140t-EAF's exhaust gas system (see picture below).


Since September 2017 KSK Concept & Engineering GmbH was occupied with the conceptualization of an optimized exhaust gas system for 140t-EAF of Georgsmarienhütte GmbH as a replacement for the existing system with "135° bow". Like the existing system, the new system is able to produce and decouple saturated steam. The optimized exhaust gas system is based on several flow simulations conducted by Georgsmarienhütte GmbH. In February 2018, when the concept was finalized, the possibly record-breaking production of the single components started (water-cooled connection piece with hydraulic hinge mechanism, post-combustion chamber and hot gas duct - within four months time). Subsequently, in July, the existing system was dismantled, the new exhaust gas system installed and commissioned successfully. The eyecatcher of the new system certainly is the connection piece, which replaces the old "135° bow". The 10t-piece can be hinged up to 54° by a hydraulic mechanism when a batch of scrap comes in (see picture above).

Like in Georgsmarienhütte, also the components and systems on our two other sites (a post-combustion chamber with sleeve and pump-skid and another pump-skid with piping system for an EAF) were commissioned successfully.

We would like to thank all involved colleagues of the different steel plants as well as our subcontractors for the successful collaboration and wish all the best for the operation of the revamped systems!


June 2018 - Centralisation of Cooling Systems

As part of a multi-year project KSK Concept & Engineering GmbH conceptualised a new cooling water supply of a steel plant as a closed-loop system with a centralised pump Station.


Since 2015 the staff of KSK Concept & Engineering GmbH is planning and designing the centralisation of (most of) the cooling circuits in a steel plant.

The steel plant has several big, energy-intenisve aggregates such as electric arc furnaces, laddle furnaces etc. on their disposal, requiring a huge amount of cooling water. At the moment the respective cooling systems are designed as single cloosed-loop circuits. The currently installed pump station occupies the designated space entirely. Also, the installed cooling capacity is insufficient. Therefore, the plant seeked for new cooling system.

In total more than 2.000 manhours of planning and designing went into the new desgin. The new pump station now brings together 21 circuits with a total amount of 2.270 m³/h cooling water, dissipating 12,4 MWpeak to several plate heat exchangers. The latter emits the heat into an open cooling system which was also designed by KSK Concept & Engineering GmbH.

We would like to thank the staff of the steel plant for the positive and constructive collaboration so far and whish all the best for the rest of the project!


May 2018 - A move towards the future

Finally KSK Automation GmbH moved into their new offices with attached production facilities.


Contiguous to KSK GmbH a new office building with attached production facilities was set up, meeting all spatial requirements and strategic directions of KSK Automation GmbH.

The new offices supply enough space for new employees and are adaptable to our customers' requirements in the area of automation and low voltage switch gears.

All phone numbers and email addresses remain the same. Our new address is:

An der Ziegelei 9 

      45721 Haltern am See


We are looking forward to your visit and are happy to show you around our new facilities.


April 2018 - Succesful assembly of submerged lance furnace

In mid-March KSK's 25-headed assembly team startet assembling the twelve meter high 53t-submerged lance furnace for Weser-Metall GmbH in Nordenham, Germany. The assembly was succesfully completed at the beginning of Arpil (on the picture below you see two of five parts of the furnace).

The construction of the lead furnace was executed by KSK Concept & Engineering GmbH. The procedural and thermothechnical design, the project management as well as the manufacturing was supplied by KSK GmbH.



For the assembly of the new furnace KSK GmbH was granted a two and a half week time window. Due to the special spatial surroundings the assembly was quite a challenge: Six meter high components had to be lifted over and into the 60 meter high furnace building by a mobile crane. Inside the building an indoor crane lifted the components up to 50 meter to place them in the right spot - accurate to the Millimeter.

A new pump-skid for the supply of the cooling water was also part of the scope. The pump-skid is equipped with two redundant recuperators, two redundant pumps and with a 1000l-expansion tank. All components were installed in time and in the usual KSK-quality, so that Weser-Metall GmbH was able to begin furnace operations on schedule.

We would like to thank the staff at Weser-Metall GmbH for the positive and constructive collaboration!


March 2018 - TuS Haltern youngsters at KSK

As one of the sponsors of TuS Haltern's "Talentschmiede" (talent pool), KSK hosted an information event about "Careers apart from the football pitch" for TuS Haltern's U17 footballers.


TuS Haltern, maybe Germanys best-known amateur football club, takes care of its kids' development on the pitch in an outstanding way. As one of the sponsors of TuS Haltern's "Talentschmiede" we are happy to contribute to the kids' development apart from the football pitch.

The youngsters and their manager Sebastian Amendt were invited to inform themselves on the upcoming professional live and on jobs and opportunities at KSK listening to a presentation followed by a tour through the workshop. "Most of the boys have never been to a workshop like this before. This is impressive indeed!", Amendt said. "For most of them it is yet important to get a feel for what an everyday job really means."

We are happy to continue our support of the "Talentschmiede" in the future and keep our fingers crossed for the promotion to the "Bezirksliga"!

Further information and photos can be found here.


February 2018 - Automation custom-made

"KSK Automation GmbH is specialised on user-friendly solutions for all electrotechnical requirements in the industry" - that's what our homepage says. As the following picture shows, every once in a while these requirements might be a bit unusual, too...


A German steel mill was looking for a revamp of its control station, particularly for a new operating desk and hit paydirt at KSK Automation GmbH.

The new operation desk comes in an ergonomic design and can be used sitting or standing (0,7m to 1,2m). It is equipped with a wooden table top. As our electricians at KSK Automation GmbH are always up for an unusual challenge they made the wooden table top themselves without further ado!


January 2018 - Craftsmanship in the spotlight

Amateur photographer Ulla Berse, a member of Haltern's photo club, and her camera paid a visit to our workshop in Haltern am See at the end of last year. Since lately, the results of her visit can be seen in Haltern's townhall.


Ulla Berse is a passionate photographer and knows all the technical finesses of her camera. This enthusiasm for technics was key for her extraordinary photos, which she made during her visit at KSK's workshop in Haltern am See last year.

She wanted to show that "also in green Haltern am See people carry on a craft". Berse's intention was to pint out the tension between material and men at work: "There is more life in KSK's rigid pipe constructions than you might suspect in the first plays", she says and smiles to herself. We think so, too, and are very grateful for Ulla's amazing photos, which you can also find on our homepage and on our yearly desk calendars.


December 2017 - Wire spool-in system for Christmas

At the end of 2017, general contractor KSK GmbH made itself and Deutsche Edelstahlwerke Specialty Steel GmbH & Co. KG (Witten, Germany) a nice Christmas present as we successfully commissioned a new wire spool-in system for a ladle furnace.


Together with the steel plant's project-/ operating- and maintenance staff, KSK was able to plan, manufacture, install and commission the newly revamped wire spool-in system for the ladle furnace. The new fourfold spool-in system allows the customer to alloy additives more precisely and with a greater diversity. Also, the entire system was further enhanced in terms of occupational safety and exhaust ventilation.

At the beginning of the project, the existing plant was captured by KSK Concept & Engineering's 3D laser scanner. On this basis, we were able to conceptualise and model the new wire spool-in system collision-free in a very confined space (incl. a new, water-cooled spool-in nozzle integrated into the ladle furnace and a telescopic tube with a bayonet shear). Also, the electrical part of the spool-in system was designed from the scratch and fitted with new switchboards and software, which was integrated into the existing system by KSK Automation.

After the revamp during the winter shutdown, the new spool-in system was finally commissioned successfully (for test operation) at the beginning of the new year.

We wish Deutsche Edelstahlwerke Specialty Steel GmbH & Co. KG success with their new fourfold wire spool-in system and gratefully acknowledge the very pleasant and fruitful collaboration!


November 2017 - Workshop full with ladle covers

Ordering a KSK ladle cover in 2017 is trendy!



2017 appears to be the year of the ladle cover. Solely in November four of these components left our workshop in Haltern am See to three different customers with different requirements, ideas and philosophies. Whether an elaborate sandwich-construction, a pipe-to-pipe construction, with or without cladding - an individual and targeted solution was found for every customer and manufactured by the specialists of our workshop.



October 2017 - KSK promotes local craftsmanship

As part of a joint promotion together with handball club HSC Haltern-Sythen we manufactured a brand new barbecue during the club's 25. anniversary .



That KSK is into heat transfer is nothing new - but when it comes to bratwurst it is different. Nevertheless, thanks to many helping hands of the HSC Handballers our premiere in barbecue manufacturing was a success. Together we prepared welded the barbecue based on an especially self-developed construction during the club's 25. anniversary. On 07.10.2017 the time finally had come and we were able to fire up the grill during a championship match of the senior team.

With this unusual sponsoring we achieved to attract local young people for the local craftsmanship and engineering in Haltern am See.